League Rules

Theakston Lower Dales Quoits League Rules


1. The League shall be known as the Theakston Lower Dales Quoits League.


2. A Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chairman shall be appointed at the AGM and these four shall form the committee.


3. Each club may send any number of representatives to a meeting but that club may have only one vote per motion.


4. A quorum shall be two-thirds of total representation.


5. All minutes and proposals shall be passed by a two-thirds majority.


6. No individual may stand for two consecutive terms of office unless it is shown that no one is willing to stand for election.


7. The committee shall be responsible for the administration of the League.


8. An amount decided on at the AGM shall be paid as a subscription by each club, and should be paid to the Treasurer before the 1st of April.


9. Clubs are to register all players with the Secretary seven days before the season starts or before playing in a League or Cup match.


10. The AGM is to be held on a date decided on by the Committee.


11. The League and Playing rules may only be changed at an AGM, and only then if the Secretary has been notified in writing of a change at least three weeks prior to the AGM.


12. New players may be registered at any time during the season in accordance to rule nine.


13. All matches are to be played in accordance with League Rules.

14.  All matches are to be played on the specified date whenever possible, if not the match must be played within fourteen days of that date or the team in default shall forfeit all points for that game.


15.  Electronic versions of scorecards are to be sent to secretary@lowerdalesquoits.co.uk within twenty four hours of a game being played. Teams not complying with this rule will be deducted 1 point for each instance after the first indiscretion.


16.  Scorecards are to show both the aggregate score and the individual score.


17.  The league will take out a suitable insurance to cover the risk of injury to players or spectators when a game is in progress on team grounds.


18.  Each club representative shall be given a card to show when voting at a League meeting.


19.  All teams must be registered as a separate club, and no interchange of players can be allowed except in accordance with rule twelve.


20.  That the First and Second Divisions of the League shall consist of an equal number of teams, with eight being the minimum and ten being the maximum. This format to be maintained by the winners and runners up from each division being promoted, and that the bottom two teams will only be relegated if there is an equal number of teams in each of the two Divisions.


21.  Only Lower Dales Quoits League Club registered players would be able to play in the Alan Bowen Handicap Shield and that to qualify to play in the Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final rounds of the Trophy then players must have previously played in either three Lower Dales League games or three Captains Cup games during that that season for their Registered Club. Contravention of this Rule would mean defaulting clubs would forfeit that match to their opponents in that round.