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League and Cup Fixtures 2022


Alan Bowen Fixtures 2022

Alan Bowen Round One - 11 May 2022
A Kirkby Fleetham A v Fearby 7-00pm
B The Standard v Thrintoft 7-00pm
C Willow Tree B v Burneston A 7-00pm
D Thornton Watless v Willow Tree A 7-00pm
E Hackforth v Maunby 7-00pm
F Crown BoS v Crakehall B 7-00pm
G Crakehall A v Burneston B 7-00pm
H Hunton v Kirkby Fleetham B 7-00pm
Alan Bowen Quarter Final - 8 June 2022
I Hackforth v Hunton 7-30pm
J Willow Tree A v Thrintoft 7-30pm
K Crakehall A v Kirkby Fleetham A 7-30pm
L Willow Tree B v Crown BoS 7-30pm
Alan Bowen Semi Final - 6 July 2022
M Willow Tree A v Hackforth 7-30pm
N Willow Tree B v Crakehall A 7-30pm
Alan Bowen Final - 3 August 2022
Final Willow Tree B v Willow Tree A 7-00pm
The Willow tree, Leeming


Team Handicap Points based on
2019 League Positions
Willow Tree B 0
Thrintoft 3
Willow Tree A 6
Thornton Watless 9
Crown BoS 12
Maunby 15
Kirkby Fleetham A 18
Fearby 21
Crakehall A 24
Hunton 27
Burneston A 30
Hackforth 33
The Standard 36
Crakehall B 39
Burneston B 42
Kirkby Fleetham B 42