Playing Rules and Captains Cup Rules

Playing Rules in force during each match

1. All scoreboards must enable score traceability for the duration of the game being played.

2. The quoits shall not be more than 5 ¼ lbs in weight, nor more than 8 ½ ins in diameter on the outside, and 5 ½ ins on the inside, and not more than 1 ½ ins in height. They shall be made of malleable steel or iron. Quoits faced or partly faced with steel will not be permitted. No grooved quoits shall be used.

3. The pins shall be placed in the centre of the clay and shall not project more than or less than 3 ins. The pins should be at least 3ft long with exposed point ½ inch diameter.

4. The pins should be eleven yards apart. The pins and the clay can be adjusted at the discretion of the umpire.


5. No quoit shall count if it is more than 18ins from the pin.

6. When a match is played one person from each side may act as umpires and their decision shall be final. No person except the umpire shall interfere, but each captain may advise their player. Only players may raise queries with the umpire(s) during the game.

7. A player in delivering their quoit shall stand with their foot opposite the pin and from not more than 3ft on either side of the pin, and must deliver their quoit from behind a toe rail placed 6ft in front of the pin. Should they not do so, the quoit thrown shall be called a 'no quoit".

8. The two quoits nearest the pin shall count as one point each if they belong to the same player, if not then only the nearest quoit shall count one point. Opposing quoits touching the pin (top or side) shall be declared equal and no points will be awarded to these quoits.


9. When inside of a quoit taken perpendicularly from the pin upwards shall surround the top of the pin it shall be called a ringer and count as two points. If a player has two quoits in this position they shall count as two points each. If their opponent has one quoit dividing them then only the uppermost one shall count. If each player has one quoit each on the pin then only the uppermost one shall count.

10. No quoit shall be called a ringer if a quoit under it covers any part of the top of the pin.

11. No clay shall be removed to aid measuring the distance between the quoits or between quoits and the pin, nor shall any quoit be moved to aid measuring.

12. When two quoits belonging to opposite players are at equal distances from or are touching the pin neither player shall score but the first thrower shall retain their lead.

13. Any player after throwing their first quoit and claiming a point or points and asks for a measure shall not be allowed to throw their second quoit.


14. All measurements are to be made with the straight legged compasses.


15. All games are to start promptly at the stated time.

16. All clubs must have two pitches, and they must be of a standard acceptable to the League Committee.

17. If a quoit is disturbed by the umpire when measuring it is to be classed as a no end and the first thrower will retain their lead.


18. To decide who throws first in a match the umpire will toss a coin and the away player shall call before the coin touches the ground.

19.  Teams to consist of seven players each side. If a team has less than seven players then one game may be subject to the redraw rule in Rule 20. Any other additional games are forfeit by a score of 21-0 to the opposition.  In the event of both teams having an equal number of players, but less than the requisite seven after using Rule 20, those games will be scored 0-0.

20.  A team may only redraw one game per match. A team may only redraw five times in a season. Neither the Playing Captain nor the Playing Vice Captain may be placed in the redraw. The Alan Bowen Handicap Shield is excluded from the redraw rule.

Captains Cup Rules

1.     The Captains Cup Competition will be a separate one for each of the A and B Divisions and will be played for on a weekly basis between the two opposing Captains of that week’s fixture.

2.     Only those Team Captains and Vice Captains indicated on your respective Team Registration Form and subsequently entered in the Theakston Lower Dales Quoits League Information Booklet will be eligible for this competition.


3.     The Captains Cup Trophy for each Division will be awarded to the Team with the best overall Aggregate For Points Score of Match 8’s at the end of the season and not to an Individual, this being due to either the Captain or in their absence the Vice Captain being able to contribute to that Aggregate Score.


4.     Please ensure the Captains and/or Vice Captains Name and the points For and Against are entered in Game 8 on the Score Card. Do not add this score to the League Competition Aggregate scores.


5.     In the event of the Captain being unable to play due to non-attendance, illness or injury then the Vice Captain will be allowed to take their place in the Captains Cup Competition during the Captains absence for non-attendance, illness or injury. If however, the Captain takes part in that week's League Game then the Captain should play the Captains Cup match and not the Vice Captain. Default on this will result in 21 - 0 being awarded to the Opposing Team.


6.     In the event on neither the Captain nor the Vice Captain of a Team being available at a particular match then that game will be forfeit to the Opposition Captain of that week by a score of 21 – 0. If the Captains and Vice Captains for both Teams are unavailable then the game cannot be played and a score of 0 – 0 will be recorded.


7.     In the event of a tie at the end of the season then the difference between the For and Against Points will be used to determine the Winning Team. If that is still tied then the number of Game 8’s won by the actual Captain and not the Vice Captain during the season will decide